Extra Trash and Recycling

Extra Trash

If you have extra trash that will not fit inside your garbage cart please give us a call to let us know that there will be extra trash beside your cart to pickup. This trash must be bagged, bags must be secured or tied, and not to heavy so that our drivers can pick them up without bags breaking or splitting open. Fees will be applied to your bill.

Extra Trash Picture

Extra Recycling

Do you have extra recycling that will not fit in your cart? Call ahead to let us know that you will be setting extra recycling beside your recycling cart. Materials must be broken down and easy to handle for our drivers. If you are worried about the material blowing away or not staying put, then load it up in your vehicle and haul it to one of our conveniently located recycling stations in Toledo or Waldport. If you’re a Dahl Disposal Service customer drop off is free for extra recycling items, up to 3 times a year. Please remember that our recycling facilities accept sorted recycling. Items set beside carts for recycling must not be placed in plastic bags, fees may apply.