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Please contact our office at 541-336-2932 or via e-mail at info@dahldisposalservice.com

Although we try to be as consistent as we can, pick up time may change each week depending on traffic, construction, staffing, seasonal, or other circumstances. We ask that your materials be curbside for collection by 6:00am on your pick up day.

Although we do not give credits, you have the option to change to “on call” service, 1 month minimum, please call for details.

Dahl Disposal Service drivers and staff work all holidays except Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. During these holiday weeks, service will be one day later from the holiday through the end of the week. For example, if the holiday falls on a Thursday: Thursday customers will be picked up on Friday.

We provide Sharps containers and disposal for a fee. Please call or stop by your local office in Toledo and Waldport to pick up a SHARPS container. Sharps can NOT be placed  in your garbage. Oregon State law mandates proper storage and disposal of used sharps. Sharps include needles, lancets, and syringes. Sharps must be stored in approved bio- hazard containers (milk jugs and coffee cans are not safe or acceptable for sharps storage).

Other options for Sharps containers

  • Return filled sharps containers to a certified bio-hazard disposal facility.
  • Contact your local pharmacy for storage and disposal solutions.
  • Check with your physician or veterinarian if they prescribed the medication.

Please call our offices for your address specific service day. Click here for a 2023-2024 Yard Debris Calendar, which outlines every other week recycling and yard debris pickup.

It is the customer’s responsibility to stop service. Please contact our office in advance. We need to stop your service and retrieve our carts.

Yes, in Toledo and Waldport at our local Transfer and Recycling Stations.

Contact Us. We pick up bulky items (mattresses, couches, appliances, etc.) at your house for a very reasonable fee. We also offer temporary tubs or drop boxes for many different projects you may have.

There are several ways to pay your bill:

  • Dahl Disposal Service Community Office’s in Toledo and Waldport
  • Visa, MasterCard
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Phone payment
  • AutoPay (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • Online through your own bank
  • Online with a debit/credit card Make Payment Online

Is your garbage container too big? Or is it too small so you often pay for extra garbage on the side? Could you be recycling more? Call and talk to us.

We service 5 different municipalities, which all have different rates and frequency of services. If you’d like rate information specific to your address please contact our office.

We are a Paint Care drop-off site, which means we accept your architectural paint (with original label) for free recycling at our Recycling Center. However, PaintCare drop-off sites do not accept empty paint cans. Click here for Acceptable Paint Care drop-off items

We recommend you call us 1st at 541-336-2932. You must have a bill of sale from you to us, and if you have bought the vehicle from someone else, a bill of sale from them  to you is required, and then you to us. You must also have a title that is properly signed  for any vehicle.

You must bring and be able to provide a current government ID that has a photo and be willing to sign a declaration that states the metal is not stolen. Other paperwork may apply to specific items such as cars and commercial property, we recommend calling  ahead.

We would be happy to pick it up, or set a drop box that you can fill yourself. Fees for these services will be deducted from your sales proceeds.

We are required by law to record in detail what we collect and purchase from our clients and customers.

Our rate can change daily due to market changes, please contact us for the most current rate, 541-336-2932.

Most likely we determined that the load had too many non-acceptable woody debris items, any loads that are not 99% woody debris must be placed in the garbage. The facilities we take our material too will reject our loads if they find garbage in the woody debris.

We offer “You Call We Haul” service, where we can send an employee(s) out to load the piles of woody debris up and haul it away. We ask that piles be place in front of the residence by the road for easy access. If you would like to load the material into a drop box, we offer a variety of sizes that we will place at your residence or job site for you to load. Call 541-336-2932 or email info@dahldisposalservice.com

In Oregon composting facilities are regulated by Oregon DEQ and these composting facilities we haul too, charge us to recycle this material.

The recycling processors are no longer accepting these items for recycling. Plastics must have a neck and the opening smaller than the base.

By shredding your paper it deteriorates the fibers and rendering it unrecyclable.

This is to help cover business expenses that are associated with garbage and        recycling services we provide at the facilities. Each item you leave us has a cost   associated with properly handling, storing, transporting, and disposing or recycling this material. We follow strict Oregon DEQ guidelines on where the materials can be disposed      of or recycled.

Yard Debris service is included in our 3-cart service in Toledo, Waldport, Yachats and surrounding county.  Items that may be included in your Yard Debris cart are:

  • Twigs/Small Branches (less than 2 inches in diameter and less than 3 feet long)
  • Leaves
  • Lawn Clippings
  • Any vegetation material (If it grows, it goes)

Click here for information on what is acceptable in the curbside recycling.

Please click here for information