Metal Buying

Need to sell some metal?

Lincoln County's metal buying program is located at the East/Central and South Lincoln Recycling Centers. If you have over 400lbs we will buy it from you at a market dependent rate. You need a current government issued PHOTO ID and must sign a declaration that the property you're selling us is not stolen. If you have less than 400lbs we accept it for free.

Items must be at least 95% metal and may include:                                         

  • Boats and fishing vessels(title needed, no fluids)
  • Old engines and motors(fluids drained)
  • Demolition scrap metal
  • Tin roofs and siding
  • Cars(title drained, no fluids) *Please call ahead for information about additional paper that is needed.
  • Appliances
  • Bed frames
  • BBQ pits
  • Shelves
  • Fencing and rebar
  • Farm and industrial machinery
  • scrap metal

*Property documentation is required for non-household items.

Please contact us at, or call us at 541-336-2932 for an onsite evaluation if you need large amounts of metal removed, or for questions.

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We recommend you call us 1st at 541-336-2932.

You must have a bill of sale from you to us, and if you have bought the vehicle from someone else, a bill of sale from them to you is required, and then you to us. You must also have a title that is properly signed for any vehicle. More info at:

You must bring and be able to provide a current government ID that has a photo and be willing to sign a declaration that states the metal is not stolen. Other paperwork may apply to specific items such as cars and commercial property, we recommend calling ahead.

We would be happy to pick it up, or set a drop box that you can fill yourself. Fees for these services will be deducted from your sales proceeds.

We are required by law to record in detail what we collect and purchase from our clients and customers.

Our rate can change daily due to market changes, please contact us for the most current rate, 541-336-2932.