Temp 300 Gallon Clean Up or Event Tub

Moving soon? Clearing out the attic? Having an event or a large amount of people coming over? Has it been years since you’ve seen the floor in your garage?

Our clean-up bin program can help. We’ll deliver a 300 gallon tub right to your home. The cost includes delivery and removal, and one dump. Need to keep it longer or add additional dumps that’s ok with us, fees do apply.

This tub can hold up to 9, 32 gallon carts.

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300 Gallon Tub Placement

Due to the size and weight of the bin, exact placement will be determined by our representative at the time of delivery. In some cases, the bin will need to be placed in the street, next to the curb by your driveway. Please remember that our trucks must be able to drive up beside the bin to dump it. These bins must stay on concrete, paved, or compacted surface. If you would like us to drive up the driveway, the customer's driveway must be brushed and maintained a minimum of 14’ in height and 14’ width, for the driver drive up a driveway. Please be sure to take into consideration that our trucks are as heavy as a fire truck, and will be driving up and down your driveway depending on the level of service. This will cause additional wear and tear on the driveway, which we are not responsible for repairing.

Ordering Your Tub

Give us a call at 541-336-2932 or email us at info@dahldisposalservice.com

Payment and delivery arrangements must be made at least one working day in advance. To see if Clean-up Tub is available at your location, please contact our office.

*Please note: Bin delivery and removal can be anytime between 6 AM and 4 PM, depending on the daily route schedule.

* In order for us to accept or haul any construction or demolition debris we ask that you have an Asbestos Clearance Certification from a certified abatement company stating the material is asbestos free. By law all commercial demolition debris must be certified asbestos free.