Windy Day Information

Windy Days

When the winds are blowing and your carts will not stay put, we are asking for your help to keep neighborhoods clean and your service timely. Here are some options to help us both.

  • ALWAYS place loose garbage in plastic bags and tie bags closed. Place all of your recycling in paper bags or cardboard boxes with top of folded over.
  • Feel free to bungee cord the tops of the carts ONLY ON WINDY DAYS so if they do happen to fall over, garbage will remain in carts and not on streets and lawns.
  • If your cart is not full, please wait until your next pick-up date to set your cart out.
  • Give our office a call to notify them that you will leave carts up at your house ONLY when winds are making it difficult for the carts to stay up right.

Contact us at 541-336-2932 or email us at for any questions or more information.