Working Here

Why Dahl’s is A Great Place To Work

When asking our team what they love most about working for Dahl Companies, the answer we heard most was they love the relaxed social work environment. Our leadership team has established an environment that is flexible and focuses on having fun and creating positive interactions with not only each other but our customers.

In addition, we take a family approach to our work environment, which includes on any given day seeing one of our employee’s children visiting our offices. We believe in a work environment that supports parents with flexibility so they can have ease of mind.

Dahl Companies offer competitive wages, a comprehensive health insurance plan, a 401k program, a generous Personal Time Off (PTO) package, and 6 paid holidays. We strongly believe that by offering the best salary and benefit packages possible this will contribute to us being a desirable place to work and support the retention of our employees.

Engagement is another reason our team says that Dahl is a great place to work! We enjoy creating activities outside of our workday for our team to be a part of. These activities have included a dinner and game night, multiple craft nights, family barbeques and evening dinners with our admin staff. The Dahl team also participates in the Waldport’s Beachcomber Days, Toledo Summer Festival parade, the Mrs. Claus Tree Gala and various other community events to benefit the local community.

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