You Haul Recycling and Solid Waste Stations

Keeping It Clean: Let's Recycle

At Dahl Disposal Service, we are committed to recycling efforts and are asking our customers and clients to please “Keep it Clean” and only place items that are found on the recycling guide in the cart. If you are in doubt please find out by calling us or printing the below guide. Like us on Facebook, watch for mailers in your bills, emails from us, give us a call or email us at: for the most recent information on what can be recycled.

China has imposed tougher restrictions on recyclables because Americans toss large amounts of contaminated and non-recyclable materials into their recycling bins. At this time, recycling sorting facilities are asking our company to have customers and clients join in and help us clean up materials collected for recycling. Non-recyclable materials drive up costs associated with sorting these materials, which end up costing customers and clients more money for recycling services.

Click here for an updated printable recycling guide

You Haul:  Solid Waste

Cleaning up around the home or wanting to self-haul a load of your garbage, we have 2 clean and conveniently located transfer stations that are open Monday through Saturday. From a few bags to large contractor loads we can handle and help you properly dispose of your garbage.

* In order for us to accept or haul any construction or demolition debris we ask that you have an Asbestos Clearance Certification from a certified abatement company stating the material is asbestos free. By law all commercial demolition debris must be certified asbestos free.

Due to new requirements by Oregon DEQ regarding Asbestos Abatement, all loads being hauled to Dahl Transfer Station will now require Asbestos paperwork. Please take a look at the Lincoln County Haulers Association Asbestos Flyer for more information about Asbestos Materials. When hauling a load to our Transfer Station, you will need the Construction and Demolition Waste Acceptance Form. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!